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Cadets Celebrate the Founding of the Air Training Corps

On Saturday the 4th of February, thousands of cadets and staff from all around the country celebrated the 77th year since the formation of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. 2524 (Oakington) Squadron gathered with the other six Squadrons of the Eastern Sector at 2417 (Newmarket) Squadron for one of the largest parades of the year.

The massed Squadrons marched through town and congregated at the church for a Celebratory Service - of course this was followed by well-deserved tea and biscuits, provided by the wonderful team at Newmarket. Events such as these make incredibly memorable experiences, mostly because of vast number of cadets and staff giving up their valuable time to unite together. We are exceptionally proud of our new cadets for carrying themselves with confidence, despite being nervous for their first cadet parade. For many cadets, this will not be their last.

The parade provided an opportunity for the public to see some of what the Air Cadets do - showcasing the Corps and building the cadets' pride in their communities.

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