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First flight

The opportunity to fly was one of the main reasons I joined Air cadets.

On Saturday 16th June, myself, Flight Sergeant Margetts, Corporal Baxter and Cadet Holland, all from 2524 (Oakington) Air Cadets, traveled to RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire to go flying with 5 AEF. For me and Cdt Holland it was our first opportunity to fly as a cadet.

I have done many amazing things in my time here so far and had so many brilliant experiences, as well as developing new skills and making new friends, and flying has been one of the best.

Cdts Traherne and Holland Returning from

their "Sorties"

I didn’t know at all what to expect but it was honestly brilliant. I was one of the first to go up however after the safety briefing there was heavy cloud cover. This meant we couldn’t find a “hole” (the pilots’ term for a gap in the cloud) to get above the clouds to do aerobatics.

Cdt Traherne, Ready to Fly!

My pilot, Flt Lt MacInnes, was supportive and fun, we got into the air, he showed me what to do and then he let me fly by myself.

Cdt Holland, All prepared!

We did G spins, which were brilliant and basically involved the plane spinning around so you’re flying outwards and got up to 4G – that means feeling four times my body weight! It was a beautiful and exciting experience and even though I didn’t get to do aerobatics, I have something to look forward to if I get the opportunity to go again.

A Grob Tutor

Cpl Baxter and "his" Tutor FS Margetts "Prepare for Take-off"

I would 100% recommend it to anyone, whether interested in planes or not and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Cdt Lizzie Traherne

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