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Air Training Corps


The ATC is community-based and open to anyone aged between 13 (or 12 if you are in year 8) and 20 years subject to eligiblity.


Organised into more than 900 squadrons around the country, 2524 (Oakington) is part of a nationwide community.

Amongst the many adventurous training opportunities on offer, we are the largest operator of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.

The ATC motto is 'Venture - Adventure' and our cadets know that it's more than just words - it's an attitude that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Widen your horizons

Membership of the ATC is exciting, rewarding and above all, fun. You'll discover skills you never knew you had, do things and visit places you never thought you would, and meet lots of like-minded people who will become your team-mates and friends.

You’ll also have the opportunity to challenge yourself with adventurous training, be selected to represent your country or school on the International Air Cadet Exchange programme, or develop your potential on the Air Cadet Leadership Course. You can really shine as a cadet.


01954 781180

Stand out from the Crowd - call 
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