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You may feel that you would like to go into uniform as an Officer. As a Squadron Officer you will be responsible for ensuring the Squadron runs efficiently, planning and running events and ensuring the staff and cadets are occupied at all times. You may even be asked to take command of a Squadron.


To become a uniform member of staff you must first complete a pre-uniform course run by the Wing. This course helps prepare you for uniformed service and includes talks by existing uniformed staff on what is required as well as practice interviews.


Once you have completed your pre-uniform course you will be put forward by the Squadron for consideration for a commission. Before you are commissioned you will undergo two Boards to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. The Boards are similar to any interview, but you well be asked about your Corps knowledge as well as run through role plays to find out about how you would handle situations. The first Board is held at Wing level and is chaired by the Wing Commander with the Wing Executive Officer (a Squadron Leader) and a Wing Staff Officer (also a Squadron Leader).


If you successfully past this Board, you will have a second Board at Region level. This is chaired by the Regional Commandant (a Group Captain), with the Deputy Regional Commandant (a Squadron Leader) and a Wing Commander form another Wing within the Region.


If you successfully pass this Board you will be appointed as an Officer Cadet. Once you have completed the week long Officers Initial Course at RAF Cranwell you will be commissioned as a Pilot Officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch).

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