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Fieldcraft is used to develop cadets' leadership skills when under pressure. Cadets are taught how to construct shelters, cook rations, how to camouflage and conceal themselves, and how to move through terrain without being spotted. These skills are then tested by setting the cadets tasks in teams such as recovering items from set locations without alerting any staff who may be looking for them.


This training initially takes place on the Squadron but weekends are also organised at RAF training areas and at annual camps.

Leadership Courses


There are a variety of leadership courses available to cadets.

At a Wing level, weekend courses are regularly held to teach cadets how to be junior and senior cadet Non-Commissioned Officers on their Squadrons.


A number of Corps-wide leadership courses are also held each year at RAF College Cranwell. These courses are aimed at the more senior cadets and help develop their team working and leadership skills even further.

Each year a selection of cadets from across the Corps get the chance to attend the Air Cadet Junior Leaders to gain an Institute of Leadership and Management Level 2 NVQ on successful completion.  Others get the opportunity to attend a CVQA Course with cadets selected from all of the UK's cadet forces - on successful completion of this course cadets gain an Institute of Leadership and Management Level 3 NVQ.

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