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Air Experience Flying

Air Experience Flying is carried out at Air Experience Flights (AEFs) around the country. Cadets fly in the Grob Tutor, the same aircraft used for basic flying training for all Royal Air Force, Army and Royal Navy pilots.

Cadets will have a chance to learn how the controls work and experience the thrill of aerobatics.


The Air Training Corps has the largest fleet of training gliders in the UK. Cadets travel to their local Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS), where they will learn about the effects of controls on the aircraft.

Once cadets reach their 16th birthday they can apply for a Gliding Scholarship. Gliding Scholarships take place over either consecutive weekends or week long courses in school holidays. The aim of the Scholarship is to train the cadets to a standard where they can fly a solo circuit.

Opportunity Flights


Cadets are able to fly in RAF aircraft, usually during Summer Camps. These can range from helicopters such as Chinooks and Pumas, all the way up to fast jets such as the Hawk.

Flying Scholarships

Older cadets are able to apply for a number of flying related scholarships. These allow the cadets to work towards or actually obtain a Private Pilots License.

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