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Duke of Edinburgh Award



The ATC is the largest operator of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme in the UK. The Award runs at three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. All cadets are encouraged to complete the Bronze Award, and because of this all costs from the Bronze Award are covered by the Corps.

The Award covers four main sections which vary in length and difficulty defending on the Award level being taken.


  • Volunteering - complete an activity that benefits the community, such as helping at a local youth group, clearing War Graves in a local church.

  • Skill - learning or developing a new skill, such as marksmanship or first aid.

  • Sports - Attending a sports club or playing sports against another Squadron.

  • Expedition - a camping expedition over a set distance and number of nights.



In addition, for the Gold Award, cadets must complete a 4 day residential activity.


Most cadets are able to complete the Bronze Award using activities they already attend, leaving only the expedition to be completed.

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