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Open Evening, 30 November 2017

2524 (Oakington) RAF Air Cadets

Looking for fun and adventure?

Want real flight experience? No problem.

How about heading out on adventurous training and camps, including overseas? Normal for cadets.

Competitive sports, drill, shooting, music, abseiling, engineering projects? Our list of activities is long, varied and open to all cadets.

Air Cadets have the opportunity to do things that others only dream about. If you are a fan of aviation, action and adventure, love sports and enjoy meeting new people, the Air Cadets is for you!

Every year 2524 Oakington air cadets and volunteer staff take part in a wide range of exciting activities and events all over the country, and sometimes in other countries around the world.

Yes it’s a challenge, but that’s what life’s all about.

Interested? Want to know more?

We are holding our next Open Evening on Thursday 30th November at 7:30 pm.

Message us on FaceBook or email us at for more information.

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