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Sector Field Day 2018 - Running an Exercise

On Saturday, May 5th, Flight Sergeant Margetts and Corporal de Soissons from 2524 (Oakington) Squadron ATC ran one of the exercises for Sector Field Day. The task involved setting up, briefing cadets on the exercise, and marking each squadron's team. The exercise was designed to test the teams' leadership skills, team working and problem solving skills.

The exercise was designed and planned by Flight Sergeant Margetts

Exercises like these are a common occurrence for the Air Cadets, as they allow cadets to show off their leadership skills and how they work as a team.

Corporal de Soissons said: “It was really interesting to see how a day like Sector Field Day is organised, and quite rewarding to organise something other people enjoyed as well.”

Cpl de Soissons

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