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Cadets Achieve Leadership Success

Nine 2524 (Oakington) Squadron cadets have successfully completed their Leadership Blue Badges.

Under the tuition of Flight Sergeant Margetts, the cadets learnt about the essential skills needed to be a good leader and how to deliver a good exercise brief using a clear, concise and precise methodology – SMEAC.

SMEAC provides the framework for explaining the task in hand to a team, involving the entire team in establishing a plan for the successful execution of the task and implementing the resulting plan efficiently, effectively and successfully.

The cadets achieving the Blue Badge in Leadership were :-

FS Cosby

Cpl Baxter

Cpl Thurston

Cpl DeSoisssons

Cpl Gaishun

Cdt Kane

Cdt Arboleda

Cdt Hayden

Cdt Traherne

Flight Sergeant Margetts said “I was very pleased with everyone’s performance. They all did really well – picking up the required skills and delivered a series of very good exercise briefs using SMEAC. It will give them all really useful skills for the future, both as cadets and elsewhere.”

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