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Up and Away with the Flight Simulators

On Saturday 21 April 2018, myself and Cadet Lindsay arrived at RAF Wyton at 08.45 eager to learn more about what our day on the Flight Simulators would hold. We were met at the Main Gate by Flight Lieutenant Salter who escorted us onto the base.

Our morning consisted of the theory of flying (a Vigilant Motor Glider) and the basics of how aircraft work.

After learning the theory, we were taught how to take off land successfully, as well as undertake general manoeuvres. All of this was under the guidance of the instructors who were really helpful and knowledgeable.


Once we had mastered all of the above, we undertook a whole full circuit flight on our own without instruction. It was scary but great.

As a Cadet, I found it a very valuable and enjoyable experience. It gave us very good key skills for when you get the chance to fly for real. It was a great course to be able to attend, especially beneficial prior to your first ever flight. We both really enjoyed our day and I would recommend it to everyone.

Cadet Capon

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