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2524 Oakington Athletics

This Sunday, Oakington Squadron attended the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire annual athletics and competed bearing the squadron number proudly on their chests. We partook in as many events as we possibly could, resulting in two gold medals in javelin and shot-put from Cadet Gaishun.

The event itself is perfect to make and meet friends from all around the wing, as you cheer on your respective squadrons.

Corporal Baxter explains: “I reconnected with a large number of my flight from Easter camp, even facing off against a cadet from my flight in the long jump.”

After a day of catching-up and competing, everyone headed to the final parade of the day, where the cadets received awards and photographs to be proud of.

Overall, our cadets had a fantastic day of competing in the sun, whether they gained awards or not. All of the Cadets who took part were proud to represent the squadron, and we, the Squadron, are equally proud of them.

Cdt Corpral Baxter and Cdt Flight Sargeant Cosby

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