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Tentercise - Preparing for Wing Field Weekend

Team work is key to many successes in life.

Cadets in the Air Training Corps undertake lots of activities which require excellent team working skills. The forth coming Wing Field Weekend (a weekend packed with Team exercises) draws on every aspect of those team work skills.

Yesterday Cadets at 2524 (Oakington) were working hard practicing their team skills last night whilst also learning new skills of how to erect the large 12 x 12 tents that the Squadron will use for accommodation at the Wing Field Weekend.

Cdt Kane secures the side

Cdt Kane secures the side of a 12 x 12

The 12x12's are the same large, metal framed tents which the UK armed services use whilst in the field. Their size means that timing and working together are key to getting them up quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Under the carefully guidance and tuition of Flight Sergeant Margetts, the cadets learnt the best techniques for building the frame, putting on the canvas, securing the tent, dismantling it and, importantly, stowing it away so that it is ready for immediate erection next time it is needed.

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