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Nijmegen Training March - 6th/7th January 2018

This month was our first two day training march, 20 miles both days.

We started out from RAF Wyton after having breakfast there and headed to Huntingdon.

The paths were all flooded and at times, where it hadn't completely frozen over, we were wading shin-deep water. Despite the cold weather and difficult terrain, we all held together as a team and didn't slow down - we all definitely know each other much better than back in October. (My cheesy 80s playlist made another appearance this month and definitely kept spirits high!)

We stayed the night at 73 Huntingdon Squadron then drove back to RAF Wyton to do the same again.

The morning of the second day was not as difficult as I imagined it would be, even the 0°C weather did not hold us back and we were finished by 2pm.

So far the training has been an amazing experience with lots of new experiences and new people!

Cdt Misha Gaishun

2524 (Oakington) Sqn

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