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November Flight!

On Saturday 18 November Corporal Gale and Cadets Baxter, Kane and Paddison had the opportunity to take part in one of every Air Cadet's dreams - Flying!

The day started at 7:15 at the 2484DF HQ in Cambourne where we met up with other cadets from our Wing. From here we made our way to RAF Cranwell, home to 7 Air Experience Flight (7AEF). When we arrived we were shown into the 7AEF Cadets' Holding Room & would be briefed on what the day would consist of.

Once the briefing started we were told that we would be given coveralls, helmets and sunglasses if we needed them. The briefing finished with a video that summed up the brief and told us what to do in the case of an emergency in the air and how to jump from the aircraft. In the holding room there was a television and a football table so we had plenty to do while waiting to go up in the air.

We later went to the equipment room to get ready for our flights and were given coveralls, helmets, sunglasses & flight gloves.

When it was our turn to fly, we were each escorted to the aircraft we would be flying (Grob Tutors).

Each of one pilots quickly introduced us to the aircraft controls and put us at ease. Once in the air we did some small maneuvers such as pitching and rolling. We then moved onto some aerobatics. We did loops, aileron rolls and barrel rolls all of which were an amazing experience that we will never forget.

"Overall the day will be something I will remember as it was my first experience with the Tutor and controlling any kind of powered aircraft. I strongly recommend signing up for this experience to anyone within the Air Training Corps."

Cpl Gale

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